Import air freight business 那坝国际货运代理

海运物流 2022-1-10 9:49:51海运费用

Import air freight business scope accordingto the customer, in a foreign country beforeshipment, by foreign agents to waybill,flights, packages, weight, and othercommodity, the actual consignee addressand contact phone number to destinationagent. And assist the customer audit clientswith all kinds of listing and approvaldocuments; Made out of all kinds ofdocuments; Space booking, customsdeclaration, import customs declaration, tax,and dealt with in the domestic transport,shipping agency business, etc. The business scopeAir export according to the customer, thegoods before and after the export of allbusiness; Audit clients of various list andapproval documents; Made out of allkinds of documents; Space booking,customs clearance; Get the certificate oforigin, insurance policy and thecommodity inspection certificate;S c h e d u l e d f l i g h t s , d o m e s t i ctransportation, packaging, issued by thebill of lading, freight settlement, maildocuments at home and abroad; Dealtwith in a foreign country of importcustoms declaration, tax, transit, delivery;To deal with agency business in foreign